MLL 2003 - Continental League Schedule
Game Date Day Time Home Team Visitor Team Results
        Visitor Home  
A1 7-Jun Sat 9:00A Media PO Commerce Commerce W, Media PO L
A2     11:00A Kish Pro Sign Kish 27, ProSign 17
B1     1:00P Norcross B. O'Connor B. O'Connor W, Norcross L
B2     3:00P Anesthesia Grassman Grassman 15, Anesthesia 14
  8-Jun Sun   If Sat. rain, games played 12:00, 2:00, 4:00, and 6:00
A3 9-Jun Mon 6:00P Children's Med Commerce Commerce 17, Childrens Med 15
B3 10-Jun Tues 6:00P Office Basics B. O'Connor B. O'Connor W, Office Basics L
A4 11-Jun Weds 6:00P Media PO Pro Sign Media PO 16, Pro Sign 10
B4 12-Jun Thur 6:00P Norcross Anesthesia Anesthesia 15, Norcross 10
  13-Jun Fri   Rain makeup or practice    
A5 14-Jun Sat 9:00A Commerce Kish Funeral  
A6     11:00A Media PO Childrens Med Media PO 14, Childrens Med 7
B5     1:00P B. O'Connor Grassman B.O'Connor 20, Grassman 16
B6     3:00P Anesthesia Office Basics Office Basics W, Anesthesia L
  15-Jun Sun   If Sat. rain, games played 12:00, 2:00, 4:00, and 6:00
A7 16-Jun Mon 6:00P A6 Winner A5 Loser  
B7 17-Jun Tues 6:00P Office Basics Grassman Grassman 17, Office Basics 16
  18-Jun Weds        
  19-Jun Thur        
  20-Jun Fri        
A8 21-Jun Sat 9:30A A7 Winner A5 Winner on Continental Field
B8     9:30A Grassman B. O'Connor B. O'Connor W, Grassman L
A9 22-Jun Sun TBD A8 Again, if necessary   date TBD
  23-Jun Mon        
  24-Jun Tues 6:00P Media PO Commerce Media PO 16, Commerce 10
    B. O'Connor, Media PO and Commerce win the Continental League Championships
        Regular Season  
1 21-Apr Mon 6:00P Norcross Grassman  
2 22-Apr Tues 6:00P Childrens Med Media PO  
3 23-Apr Weds 6:00P Commerce Kish Funeral  
  24-Apr Thur        
4 25-Apr Fri 6:00P B. O'Connor Anesthesia  
  26-Apr Sat   Opening Day Parade    
5     11:00A Media PO Kish Funeral  
6     12:30P Childrens Med Office Basics Highlights
7     2:00P Pro Sign Commerce  
8     3:30P B. O'Connor Grassman  
9     5:00P Anesthesia Norcross  
  27-Apr Sun        
10 28-Apr Mon 6:00P Office Basics Pro Sign  
11 29-Apr Tues 6:00P Grassman Anesthesia  
12 30-Apr Weds 6:00P Commerce Childrens Med  
  1-May Thur        
13 2-May Fri 6:00P Norcross B. O'Connor  
14 3-May Sat 8:30A B. O'Connor Commerce  
15     10:15A Kish Funeral Norcross  
16     12:00P Anesthesia Pro Sign  
17     1:45P Childrens Med Grassman  
18     3:30P Media PO Office Basics  
  4-May Sun        
19 5-May Mon 6:00P Kish Funeral Office Basics  
20 6-May Tues 6:00P Pro Sign Media PO  
  7-May Weds 6:00P open date    
  8-May Thur   Start Keeping Wins/Losses  
21 9-May Fri 6:00P Norcross Childrens Med  
22 10-May Sat 8:30A Kish Funeral Grassman  
23     10:15A Office Basics B. O'Connor  
24     12:00P Anesthesia Childrens Med  
25     1:45P Norcross Pro Sign  
26     3:30P Media PO Commerce  
  11-May Sun        
27 12-May Mon 6:00P Kish Funeral Anesthesia  
28 13-May Tues 6:00P Media PO B. O'Connor  
29 14-May Weds 6:00P Office Basics Commerce  
  15-May Thur        
30 16-May Fri 6:00P Grassman Pro Sign  
  17-May Sat   Bat-A-Thon Saturday    
31     8:30A Commerce Anesthesia  
32     10:15A Pro Sign Kish Funeral  
33     12:00P Grassman Media PO  
34     1:45P B. O'Connor Childrens Med  
35     3:30P Office Basics Norcross  
  18-May Sun        
36 19-May Mon 6:00P Commerce Norcross  
37 20-May Tues 6:00P Grassman Office Basics  
38 21-May Weds 6:00P Pro Sign B. O'Connor  
39 22-May Thur        
  23-May Fri   Memorial Day Break    
  24-May Sat   Memorial Day Break    
  25-May Sun   Memorial Day Break    
  26-May Mon   Memorial Day Break    
39 27-May Tues 6:00P Anesthesia Media PO  
40 28-May Weds 6:00P Childrens Med Kish Funeral  
  29-May Thur        
41 30-May Fri 6:00P Pro Sign Office Basics  
42 31-May Sat 8:30A Commerce Grassman  
43     10:15A Pro Sign Childrens Med  
44     12:00P B. O'Connor Kish Funeral  
45     1:45P Norcross Media PO  
46     3:30P Office Basics Anesthesia  
  1-Jun Sun        
47 2-Jun Mon 6:00P Grassman Norcross  
48 3-Jun Tues 6:00P Media PO Childrens Med  
49 4-Jun Weds 6:00P Kish Funeral Commerce  
  5-Jun Thur        
50 6-Jun Fri 6:00P Anesthesia B. O'Connor