MLL 2003 - T-Ball Schedule
Game Date Day Time Home Team Visitor Team Results/Players of the Game
1 21-Apr Mon 6:00P Cavanagh Funeral Kenny's Flowers  
2 22-Apr Tues 6:00P Eugene Bonner Mortgages  
3 23-Apr Weds 6:00P Colonial Parking Keystone Digital  
4 24-Apr Thur 6:00P UP Police RT Fire Co. Tie, Game Story
5 25-Apr Fri 6:00P Buller & Father Fanelli Construction  
  26-Apr Sat 9:00A Opening Day Parade    
  27-Apr Sun        
6 28-Apr Mon 6:00P UP Police Keystone Digital  
7 29-Apr Tues 6:00P Kenny's Flowers Fanelli Construction  
8 30-Apr Weds 6:00P Buller & Father Colonial Parking  
9 1-May Thur 6:00P Eugene Bonner RT Fire Co.  
10 2-May Fri 6:00P Cavanagh Funeral Mortgages  
11 3-May Sat 9:00A Fanelli Construction RT Fire Co.  
12     10:30P Eugene Bonner Cavanagh Funeral  
13     12:00P Keystone Digital Kenny's Flowers  
14     1:30P Buller & Father UP Police  
15     3:00P Mortgages Colonial Parking  
  4-May Sun        
16 5-May Mon 6:00P Kenny's Flowers RT Fire Co.  
17 6-May Tues 6:00P Mortgages UP Police  
18 7-May Weds 6:00P Buller & Father Eugene Bonner  
19 8-May Thur 6:00P Fanelli Construction Colonial Parking  
20 9-May Fri 6:00P Cavanagh Funeral Keystone Digital  
21 10-May Sat 9:00A Kenny's Flowers Mortgages  
22     10:30P RT Fire Co. Buller & Father  
23     12:00P Colonial Parking Cavanagh Funeral  
24     1:30P Keystone Digital Eugene Bonner  
25     3:00P Fanelli Construction UP Police  
  11-May Sun        
26 12-May Mon 6:00P Kenny's Flowers Buller & Father  
27 13-May Tues 6:00P Fanelli Construction Eugene Bonner  
28 14-May Weds 6:00P Cavanagh Funeral UP Police  
29 15-May Thur 6:00P Mortgages Keystone Digital  
30 16-May Fri 6:00P Colonial Parking RT Fire Co.  
31 17-May Sat 9:00A Keystone Digital Fanelli Construction  
32     10:30P Mortgages RT Fire Co.  
33     12:00P UP Police Colonial Parking  
34     1:30P Buller & Father Cavanagh Funeral  
35     3:00P Eugene Bonner Kenny's Flowers  
  18-May Sun        
36 19-May Mon 6:00P Keystone Digital Buller & Father  
37 20-May Tues 6:00P Colonial Parking Kenny's Flowers  
38 21-May Weds 6:00P RT Fire Co. Cavanagh Funeral  
39 22-May Thur 6:00P UP Police Eugene Bonner  
  23-May Fri   Memorial Day Break    
  24-May Sat   Memorial Day Break    
  25-May Sun   Memorial Day Break    
  26-May Mon   Memorial Day Break    
40 27-May Tues 6:00P Mortgages Fanelli Construction  
41 28-May Weds 6:00P Eugene Bonner Colonial Parking  
42 29-May Thur 6:00P UP Police Kenny's Flowers  
43 30-May Fri 6:00P RT Fire Co. Keystone Digital  
44 31-May Sat 9:00A Eugene Bonner Buller & Father  
45     10:30P UP Police Mortgages  
46     12:00P RT Fire Co. Kenny's Flowers  
47     1:30P Colonial Parking Fanelli Construction  
48     3:00P Keystone Digital Cavanagh Funeral  
  1-Jun Sun        
49 2-Jun Mon 6:00P Cavanagh Funeral Fanelli Construction  
50 3-Jun Tues 6:00P Buller & Father Mortgages  
51 4-Jun Weds 6:00P Kenny's Flowers Keystone Digital  
52 5-Jun Thur 6:00P RT Fire Co. Eugene Bonner  
53 6-Jun Fri 6:00P Colonial Parking UP Police  
54 7-Jun Sat 9:00A Kenny's Flowers Cavanagh Funeral  
55     10:30P Eugene Bonner Mortgages  
56     12:00P Keystone Digital Colonial Parking  
57     1:30P RT Fire Co. UP Police  
58     3:00P Fanelli Construction Buller & Father  
  8-Jun Sun        
59 9-Jun Mon 6:00P RT Fire Co. Fanelli Construction  
60 10-Jun Tues 6:00P Cavanagh Funeral Eugene Bonner  
61 11-Jun Weds 6:00P UP Police Buller & Father  
62 12-Jun Thur 6:00P Colonial Parking Mortgages  
63 13-Jun Fri 6:00P Keystone Digital UP Police  
  14-Jun Sat   Media Little League Closing Events