proposed MLL 2004 - Continental League Schedule proposed
Game  Date  Day  Time  Home Team  Visitor Team  Results 
1 12-Apr Mon  6:00p practice    
2 13-Apr Tues  6:00p practice  
3 14-Apr Weds  6:00p practice    
4 15-Apr Thur  6:00p practice  
5   Thur  6:00p practice   tball field
6 16-Apr Fri  6:00p practice  
  17-Apr Sat 9:00p Opening Day Parade    
7     10:30p Sterling Healthcare            Colonial Parking                
8     12:00p Rose Tree Fire Co.             Upper Providence Police         
9     1:30p Office Basics                  Taylor Rental                   
10     3:00p Keystone Digital Imaging       Wilson Safe Co.                 
  18-Apr Sun        
11 19-Apr Mon  6:00p Wilson Safe Co.                Taylor Rental                   
12 20-Apr Tues  6:00p Colonial Parking               Record Reproduction Services    
13 21-Apr Weds  6:00p Norcross Construction          Upper Providence Police       
14 22-Apr Thur  6:00p Keystone Digital Imaging       Sterling Healthcare           
15   Thur  6:00p Borough of Media               Office Basics                  tball field
16 23-Apr Fri  6:00p Media Police                   Rose Tree Fire Co.            
17 24-Apr Sat 8:30a Upper Providence Police        Keystone Digital Imaging       tball field
18   Sat 9:00p Wilson Safe Co.                Colonial Parking                
19     10:30p Sterling Healthcare            Record Reproduction Services    
20     12:00p Office Basics                  Rose Tree Fire Co.              
21     1:30p Borough of Media               Media Police                  
22     3:00p Norcross Construction          Taylor Rental                 
  25-Apr Sun        
23 26-Apr Mon  6:00p Rose Tree Fire Co.             Borough of Media              
24 27-Apr Tues  6:00p Media Police                   Record Reproduction Services  
25 28-Apr Weds  6:00p Norcross Construction          Keystone Digital Imaging        
26 29-Apr Thur  6:00p Media Police                   Taylor Rental                 
27   Thur  6:00p Sterling Healthcare            Wilson Safe Co.                tball field
28 30-Apr Fri  6:00p Rose Tree Fire Co.             Colonial Parking              
29 1-May Sat 8:30a Taylor Rental                  Rose Tree Fire Co.             tball field
30   Sat 9:00p Wilson Safe Co.                Media Police                  
31     10:30p Record Reproduction Services   Keystone Digital Imaging        
32     12:00p Office Basics                  Norcross Construction           
33     1:30p Colonial Parking               Borough of Media                
34     3:00p Upper Providence Police        Sterling Healthcare           
  2-May Sun      
35 3-May Mon  6:00p Record Reproduction Services   Taylor Rental                   
36 4-May Tues  6:00p Upper Providence Police        Borough of Media                
37 5-May Weds  6:00p Wilson Safe Co.                Rose Tree Fire Co.            
38 6-May Thur  6:00p        
39   Thur  6:00p Colonial Parking               Media Police                   tball field
40 7-May Fri  6:00p Wilson Safe Co.                Office Basics                 
41 8-May Sat 8:30a Rose Tree Fire Co.             Taylor Rental                  tball field
42   Sat 9:00p Norcross Construction          Borough of Media               Norcross 16, Borough 15
43     10:30p Sterling Healthcare            Media Police                  
44     12:00p Record Reproduction Services   Wilson Safe Co.                 
45     1:30p Colonial Parking               Upper Providence Police     Colonial 20, UPP 8
46     3:00p Keystone Digital Imaging       Office Basics                 
  9-May Sun      
47 10-May Mon  6:00p      
48 11-May Tues  6:00p Norcross Construction          Record Reproduction Services   Norcross 14, Record 10
49 12-May Weds  6:00p Keystone Digital Imaging       Colonial Parking                  
50 13-May Thur  6:00p Rose Tree Fire Co.             Sterling Healthcare           
51   Thur  6:00p Taylor Rental                  Upper Providence Police    Taylor 15, UPP 9
52 14-May Fri  6:00p Media Police                   Keystone Digital Imaging    Keystone 19,  Media P. 13
53 15-May Sat 8:30a Keystone Digital Imaging       Borough of Media               tball field
54   Sat 9:00p Office Basics                  Colonial Parking               Colonial 18, Office 8
55     10:30p Norcross Construction          Media Police                   Norcross 12, Media P. 4
56     12:00p Taylor Rental                  Sterling Healthcare             
57     1:30p Wilson Safe Co.                Upper Providence Police    Wilson 12, UP Police 12
58     3:00p Record Reproduction Services   Office Basics                   
  16-May Sun        
59 17-May Mon  6:00p Borough of Media               Wilson Safe Co.                Wilson 17, Borough 13
60 18-May Tues  6:00p Sterling Healthcare            Norcross Construction        
61 19-May Weds  6:00p Rose Tree Fire Co.             Keystone Digital Imaging     
62 20-May Thur  6:00p Office Basics                  Upper Providence Police   
63   Thur  6:00p Colonial Parking               Taylor Rental                  Taylor 20, Colonial 15
64 21-May Fri  6:00p Norcross Construction          Borough of Media                
65 22-May   8:30a Colonial Parking               Wilson Safe Co.                Colonial 18, Wilson 7
66   Sat 9:00p Keystone Digital Imaging       Taylor Rental                   
67     10:30p Rose Tree Fire Co.             Norcross Construction           
68     12:00p Sterling Healthcare            Borough of Media                  
69     1:30p Office Basics                  Media Police                  
70     3:00p Upper Providence Police        Record Reproduction Services    
  23-May Sun      
71 24-May Mon  6:00p Taylor Rental                  Borough of Media                Taylor 17, Borough 5  
72 25-May Tues  6:00p Sterling Healthcare            Office Basics                   
73 26-May Weds  6:00p Norcross Construction          Wilson Safe Co.                 
74 27-May Thur  6:00p Upper Providence Police        Media Police                    
75   Thur  6:00p Rose Tree Fire Co.             Record Reproduction Services   tball field
  28-May Fri   Memorial Day Break  
  29-May Sat   Memorial Day Break    
  30-May Sun   Memorial Day Break    
  31-May Mon   Memorial Day Break    
76 1-Jun Tues  6:00p PLAYOFFS BEGIN    
77 2-Jun Weds  6:00p    
78 3-Jun Thur  6:00p    
79   Thur  6:00p     tball field
80 4-Jun Fri  6:00p      
81 5-Jun Sat 8:30a     tball field
82   Sat 9:00p      
83     10:30p      
84     12:00p      
85     1:30p      
86     3:00p      
  6-Jun Sun        
87 7-Jun Mon  6:00p      
88 8-Jun Tues  6:00p      
89 9-Jun Weds  6:00p      
90 10-Jun Thur  6:00p      
91   Thur  6:00p     tball field
92 11-Jun Fri  6:00p      
93 12-Jun Sat 8:30a     tball field
94   Sat 9:00p      
95     10:30p      
96     12:00p      
97     1:30p      
98     3:00p      
  13-Jun Sun        
99 14-Jun Mon  6:00p      
100 15-Jun Tues  6:00p      
101 16-Jun Weds  6:00p      
102 17-Jun Thur  6:00p      
    Thur  6:00p     tball field
  18-Jun Fri  6:00p      
  19-Jun Sat  9:00a     tball field