MLL 2005 - National League Schedule 6/5/2005
Game  Date  Day  Time  Home Team  Visitor Team  Umpire Results 
1 11-Apr-2005 Mon 5:45p HAP Spectrum Roofing  Barton  HAP 7, Spectrum 3
2 12-Apr-2005 Tues 5:45p Patriot Construction Rose Tree Getty  Mehalick  Patriot 20, Rose Tree Getty 10
3 13-Apr-2005 Weds 5:45p Childrens Medical Conley Ward's Steakhouse Samson  Children's 19, Conley 5
4 14-Apr-2005 Thur 5:45p Caramanico and Sons  Bill Battey's Brown  Caramanico 12, Bill Battey's 10
  15-Apr-2005 Fri  6:00p FIELD PREP FOR OPENING DAY
  16-Apr-2005 Sat 9:15a OPENING DAY PARADE
5 16-Apr-2005 Sat 11:00a Patriot Construction Childrens Medical    Children's 12, Patriot 10
6 16-Apr-2005 Sat 1:15p Spectrum Roofing  Conley Ward's Steakhouse Luffey  Spectrum 9, Conley 2
7 16-Apr-2005 Sat 3:30p Rose Tree Getty  Wilson Safe Co  Wallace  Rose Tree Getty 13, Wilson 3
8 18-Apr-2005 Mon 5:45p Spectrum Roofing  Patriot Construction Nunag  Spectrum 13, Patriot 10
9 19-Apr-2005 Tues 5:45p Childrens Medical Bill Battey's  Luffey  Children's 7, Bill Battey's 4
10 20-Apr-2005 Weds 5:45p Conley Ward's Steakhouse Rose Tree Getty  Heller  Conley 11, Rose Tree Getty 11 (tie)
11 21-Apr-2005 Thur 5:45p Caramanico and Sons  Wilson Safe Co  Brown  Wilson 6, Caramanico 1
12 22-Apr-2005 Fri 5:45p Childrens Medical HAP Rennie  HAP 8, Children's 6
13 23-Apr-2005 Sat 8:30a Spectrum Roofing  Caramanico and Sons  Barton  Caramanico 10, Spectrum 1
14 23-Apr-2005 Sat 10:45a Patriot Construction Conley Ward's Steakhouse Leonard  Patriot 14, Conley 13
15 23-Apr-2005 Sat 1:00p Rose Tree Getty  Bill Battey's  Raines  Bill Battey's 6, Rose Tree Getty 2
16 23-Apr-2005 Sat 3:15p Wilson Safe Co  HAP    HAP 14, Wilson 10
17 25-Apr-2005 Mon 5:45p Caramanico and Sons  Conley Ward's Steakhouse Solomon  Caramanico 10, Conley 1
18 26-Apr-2005 Tues 5:45p Rose Tree Getty Patriot Construction Fishman  Patriot 12, Rose Tree Getty 4
19 27-Apr-2005 Weds 5:45p HAP Wilson Safe Co  Heller  HAP 5, Wilson 1
20 28-Apr-2005 Thur 5:45p Spectrum Roofing  Childrens Medical Mohollen  Children's 9, Spectrum 8
21 29-Apr-2005 Fri 5:45p Bill Battey's  Conley Ward's Steakhouse    Bill Battey's 16, Conley 5
22 30-Apr-2005 Sat 8:30a Rose Tree Getty  HAP Barton  HAP 12, Rose Tree Getty 3
23 30-Apr-2005 Sat 10:45a Caramanico and Sons  Childrens Medical Raines  Rained Out - Makeup Game TBA
24 30-Apr-2005 Sat 1:00p Patriot Construction Wilson Safe Co  Hartman  Patriot 15, Wilson 0
25 1-May-2005 Sun 2:15p Bill Battey's  Spectrum Roofing  Luffey  Bill Battey's 14, Spectrum 13
26 2-May-2005 Mon  6:00p Rose Tree Getty  Childrens Medical    Rose Tree Getty 11, Children's 8
27 3-May-2005 Tues  6:00p Bill Battey's  Wilson Safe Co  Nunag  Wilson 13, Bill Battey's 6
28 4-May-2005 Weds  6:00p Conley Ward's Steakhouse  HAP McAlee  Conley 5, HAP 3
29 5-May-2005 Thur  6:00p Patriot Construction Spectrum Roofing     Patriot 14, Spectrum 11
30 6-May-2005 Fri  6:00p Caramanico and Sons  Rose Tree Getty  Barton  Caramanico 11, Rose Tree Getty 9
31 7-May-2005 Sat 8:30a Conley Ward's Steakhouse  Spectrum Roofing  Brown  Spectrum 20, Conley 1
32 7-May-2005 Sat 10:45a HAP Patriot Construction Keffer  Patriot 10, HAP 5
33 7-May-2005 Sat 1:00p Childrens Medical Wilson Safe Co  Wallace  Children's 7, Wilson 7 (tie)
34 7-May-2005 Sat 3:15p Bill Battey's  Caramanico and Sons  Luffey  Caramanico 10, Bill Battey's 1
35 9-May-2005 Mon  6:00p Wilson Safe Co  Spectrum Roofing  Brown  Spectrum 19, Wilson 4
36 10-May-2005 Tues  6:00p Caramanico and Sons  Patriot Construction    Caramanico 8, Patriot 2
37 11-May-2005 Weds  6:00p HAP Bill Battey's  Luffey  HAP 9, Bill Battey's 6
38 12-May-2005 Thur  6:00p Conley Ward's Steakhouse  Wilson Safe Co  Hartman  Wilson 13, Conley 0
39 13-May-2005 Fri  6:00p Spectrum Roofing  Rose Tree Getty     Rose Tree Getty 12, Spectrum 5
  14-May-2005 Sat 9:15a BAT-A-THON
40 15-May-2005 Sun 12:00p Patriot Construction Bill Battey's  Wallace  Bill Battey's 16, Patriot 13
41 15-May-2005 Sun 2:00p Conley Ward's Steakhouse  Childrens Medical Hartman  Childrens 10, Conley 1
42 15-May-2005 Sun 4:00p HAP Caramanico and Sons  Barton  HAP 6, Caramanico 6 (tie)
43 16-May-2005 Mon  6:00p Bill Battey's  HAP McGuire  HAP 4, Bill Battey's 1
44 17-May-2005 Tues  6:00p Caramanico and Sons  Spectrum Roofing  Rennie  Caramanico 13, Spectrum 3
45 18-May-2005 Weds  6:00p Wilson Safe Co  Childrens Medical Luffey  Wilson 7, Children's 6
46 19-May-2005 Thur  6:00p Conley Ward's Steakhouse Patriot Construction Rennie  Patriot 16, Conley 7
47 20-May-2005 Fri  6:00p Bill Battey's  Rose Tree Getty  Samson  Rose Tree Getty 21, Bill Battey's 6
48 21-May-2005 Sat 8:30a Childrens Medical Patriot Construction Brown  Childrens 5, Patriot 0
49 21-May-2005 Sat 10:45a Spectrum Roofing  HAP Nunag  HAP 12, Spectrum 8
50 21-May-2005 Sat 1:00p Conley Ward's Steakhouse Caramanico and Sons  Raines  Caramanico 9, Conley Ward 4
51 21-May-2005 Sat 3:15p Wilson Safe Co  Rose Tree Getty  Wallace  Wilson 3, Rose Tree Getty 1
52 23-May-2005 Mon  6:00p Wilson Safe Co  Caramanico and Sons  Hartman  Caramanico 11, Wilson 7
53 24-May-2005 Tues  6:00p Rose Tree Getty  Conley Ward's Steakhouse McAlee  Rose Tree Getty 11, Conley 0
54 25-May-2005 Weds  6:00p Bill Battey's  Childrens Medical Samson  Bill Battey's 13, Childrens 9
55 26-May-2005 Thur  6:00p Patriot Construction HAP Skahill  HAP 10, Patriot 10 (tie)
  27-May-2005 Fri   Memorial Day Week End-Complex closed
  28-May-2005 Sat   Memorial Day Week End-Complex closed
  29-May-2005 Sun   Memorial Day Week End-Complex closed
  30-May-2005 Mon   Memorial Day Week End-Complex closed
56 31-May-2005 Tues  6:00p Spectrum Roofing  Bill Battey's  Barton  Spectrum 9, Bill Battey's 8
57 1-Jun-2005 Weds  6:00p Childrens Medical Caramanico and Sons  Samson  Caramanico 6, Childrens 4
58 2-Jun-2005 Thur  6:00p HAP Rose Tree Getty  O'Donnell  Rose Tree Getty 13, HAP 3
59 3-Jun-2005 Fri  6:00p Wilson Safe Co  Bill Battey's  Brown  Rained Out - Not Rescheduled
60 4-Jun-2005 Sat 8:30a Rose Tree Getty  Caramanico and Sons  Barton  Caramanico 9, Rose Tree Getty 8
61 4-Jun-2005 Sat 10:45a HAP Conley Ward's Steakhouse Brown  HAP 14, Conley 13
62 4-Jun-2005 Sat 1:00p Wilson Safe Co  Patriot Construction Raines  Patriot 10, Wilson 9
63 4-Jun-2005 Sat 3:15p Childrens Medical Spectrum Roofing     Children's 9, Spectrum 6