Playoff Chart                    
League: Continental SEMI-FINAL ROUND
06-12-06 Monday 6:00pm Team with best record-bye
Gregg Hillard DMD-(H) (H)
UP Police-(A)  
Umpire-Guidant-Rushton Umpire-Rosetree Getty-McGovern  
06-14-06 Wednesday 6:00pm 6-17-06 Saturday 12:30-2:30      
Cavanaugh Funeral (A)    
All-Star SVC (H) (A) Umpire TBD  
Umpire-Caramanico-Van Leer 06-22-06 Thursday 6:00pm    
06-15-06 Thursday 6:00pm Coin flip (H) vs (A)        
Rosetree Getty (H) (H) D & C    
Dougherty-Con (A)      
Umpire-Bill Battey's-Brower Umpire-UP Police-Leo      
06-16-06 Friday 6:00pm 6-17-06 Saturday 2:30-4:30      
Fidelity (A) (A) Madd Dogg (9-8)  
Madd-Dog Restore (H) Umpire TBD  
Umpire-Office Basics-Broadhurst Coin Flip (H) vs (A)    
06-13-06 Tuesday 6:00pm 06-24-06       
Guidant (H) (H)  
Bil Battey's (A)    
Umpire-Gregg Hillyard-Faillace Umpire-Fidelity-Ricciardi    
06-17-06 Saturday 10:30am 6-20-06 Tuesday 6:00pm        
Office Basics (A)   Team with best record    
Caramanico Bros (H) (A)   ______________________________+
Umpire-All-Star Svc-Skahill