Our 9/10 Year Old Boys are the

District 19 Champions

Section 8 Champions


Eastern Pennsylvania State Champions!



Our Boys came in second place in the State Championship Tournament!


These boys are incredible!

They played as one cohesive and well-integrated unit and were a joy to watch.  They played their hearts out, encouraged each other and truly showed a positive and mature sportsmanship, well beyond their years.

Next Time you hear the Little League Player Pledge, think of these boys, as they embody the essential characteristics of every quality in the Pledge.




From Left to Right:

Michael Solomon

Nate Engleka

Kevin "K Mac" McGowan

Timmy Quinn

Danny "Irish" Healey

Brian "SnowMan" Snow

Kevin "K Mo" Mohollen

Stephen "Stevie" Furman

Danny Enterlin

James Kantner



John Mohollen

Shawn Quinn

Leo McGowan

Tom Furman




In the PA State Tournament, the team (pictured above) proudly represented:

16 Districts

236 Little Leagues

Between 70,800 to 118,000 players



PA 9-10 Year Old State Tournament


PA Section Web Site



The Coaches, Players and Parents want to thank everyone who attended any of the games...YOU made a difference by being there and cheering them on to victory.