Our 10 Year Old District Team

have WON the



Top Ten Reasons MLL 10 Year Olds Rock:

10. They make MLL shine.

9. They work together as a team.

8. They are fun to watch.

7. They are an example of the LL pledge in action.

6. They play well offensively.

5. They play well defensively.

4. They have a record of 14-0!

3. They are an outstanding team.

2. Their Parents!

1. They played and won like the Champions they ARE! 



Congratulations to the Boys, the Parents and the Coaching Staff!

They are the Champions!  Celebrate!

 Coach Tom Furman

Coach Anthony Martinelli

Alex "Allie B" Burman

Danny "DC" Crawford

Stephen "Stevie" Furman

Anthony "Ant" Martinelli

James "Mac" McConnon

Steven "Mopp" Moppert

Chase "Dark Knight" Luffey

Brian "B Snow" Snow

Kyle "Man Child" Virbitsky

Corey "Core" Ziring


Cory Ziring hits double off the right-center field fence


Coach Furman Congratulates Brian Snow on a Solo Home Run in Third


Stevie Says Two Outs!



Celebrate Good Times - COME ON!





Game 2


Chase Luffey pitched all 6 shutout innings. 


Steve Furman hit a solo home run in the sixth.


Alex Burman making a play at first!


Steve Moppert Coming into Second.



The Boys WON their first game (11-1) - in 5 innings!

Stevie Furman pitched the entire game and struck out 10!


Martinelli Makes it Home!




Link to State Tournaments


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Top Row Left to Right: Coach Anthony Martinelli, Steven "Mopp" Moppert, Kyle "Man Child" Virbitsky, Alex "Allie B" Burman, Corey "Core" Ziring, James "Mac" McConnon, Coach Tom Furman

Bottom Row Left to Right: Danny "DC" Crawford, Chase "Dark Knight" Luffey, Brian "B Snow" Snow, Stephen "Stevie" Furman,
Anthony "Ant" Martinelli


On Friday, July 18th they won

the District 19 Championship!


On Sunday, July 27th they won

the Section 8 Championship!