May 29, 2015
ML Game 45


Campbell's Boathouse   11
Patriot Construction   6



Campbell's offense was led with 3 home runs, one each from: Luke Jacobson, Ben Chang, and hitting his first career MLL home run, Jack Kellogg. Michael Grapin, Zach Sharkey, Jack Kellogg each scored 2 runs for Campbell's. For Patriot, Brian MacCurtin and Justin Curran scored 2 runs each

Pitch Counts:
    Matt Pennoni 65
    Shane Kokoska 30
    Ben Chang 22

    Steven Woolery 26
    Brian MacCurtin 28
    Spencer Skowronek 24
    Justin Curran 8
    Bobby Sundo 19
    Ben Klinger 14
    Luke Cavanagh 8