April 8, 2017
NL Game 4

Indians (Bevan's Candies)   12
Rockies (Pinocchio's Restaurant)   7

The Indians opened the game with three runs in the first inning. The Rockies scored one in the 2nd.

In the 3rd inning, the Indians scored two and the Rockies scored 3. After 3, the score was 5-4. The Indians scored 7 more runs, holding on to a 12 - 7 win.

The Indians had twelve hits in the game and the Rockies had five hits.

    W. O'Donnell 14
    T. Jauregui 23
    D. Kelly 11
    M. DeBellis 14

    H. Landgraff 22
    M. Crawford 22
    G. DiRita 14
    J. Clarkin 32