April 8, 2017
NL Game 5

Cardinals (Advocare)   20
Mariners (Logan Circle Partners)   10

For the Cards, Keane Naugle, Sean Benson, Jack Glatts, Jonas Mersch, Nicholas Schwartz, Timmy Quigley and Donovan Truocchio each racked up at least three hits and scored at least one run, while Chris Teti tallied two singles and two runs, Josephine Truocchio singled and scored three runs, Jaxon Crawford Preston doubled and scored, and Brendan Herzog singled and scored.

For the Mariners, Nolan High and Nate Patrizio each hit a single and scored twice, Zaiden Patel had two hits and scored a run, Jason Gillis tallied two hits, and Guillermo Romero, Otis Farnan, Ben Clark, Luis Paine, Xander Smith and Ryan Schofield each got a hit and/or scored a run.

Pitch Counts:
    Jonas Mersch 31

    Zaiden Patel 35

    John Shafer behind the plate
    Adam Saleski on the bases