April 26, 2017
NL Game 21

Rays (TriBen Insurance Solutions)  15
Mets (Weber Firm, LLC)  6

In a game most notable for it's excellent officiating, the Rays pulled out a 15-6 win over the visiting Mets.

Hits were hard to come by for both teams, the Mets led by Caleb, with 3 hits, the Rays had only two balls in play, one from Ty Cohen, one from Jameson Smolarski. The game was called after the 4th for darkness.

Pitching Counts:
    Ty Cohen 43
    Frank Shafer 42
    Griffin Saleski 46
    Andrew Difabrizio 18

    Landon Graham 50
    Julia Weber 42
    Jack Martin 49
    Wayne Gavin 23