May 3, 2017
NL Game 26

Rays (TriBen Insurance Solutions)    8
Mariners (Logan Circle Partners)    2

Strong pitching dominated the early innings of this game, but the Rays pulled out a win after 4.5 innings 8-2 over the visiting Mariners.

The Mariners held the Rays hitless through 2 2/3 innings before the Rays were able to get 3 runs off 3 hits. The Rays followed this with 5 in the top of the 4th, and the game was called due to darkness after the Mariners completed their at-bat in the 5th.

The Rays finished the game with 5 total hits.

The Mariners put runs on the board in the 4th and 5th innings (1 a piece) thanks to 3 hits and catchers interference.

Pitch Counts:
    Andrew DiFabrizio 48
    Ty Cohen 44
    Franky Shafer 24

    Zaiden Patel 50
    Luis Paine 18
    Guillermo Romero 27