June 13, 2017
NL Playoff Game 8

Indians (Bevan's Candies)    12
Cardinals (Advocare)    7

The Indians won a back-and-forth affair against the Cardinals.

The Indians and Cardinals traded the lead back-and-forth on Tuesday, but eventually the Indians prevailed 12-7. The Indians took the lead for good in the third inning.

The Cardinals captured the lead in the first inning. With one out in the first inning, J. Glatts drove in one run when he singled.

After the Indians scored one run in the top of the second, Cardinals answered with one of their own. R. Paukstis scored on a C. McCarty ground out. The Cardinals then answered when T. Quigley, driving in a J. Truocchio.

The Indians took the lead for good with five runs in the third inning. In the third M. DeBellis, driving in one run and W. O'Donnell tripled, driving in three runs.

The Cardinals scored five runs in the sixth inning thanks to N. Schwartz groundout, which lead to an RBI, a walk by J. Crawford-Preston, a walk by M. Costello, and a walk by K. Naugle.

The Indians collected 7 hits. W. O'Donnell and T. Jauregui had multiple hits.

Pitch Counts:
    W. O'Donnell 65
    M. DeBellis 33
    D. Kelly 35
    T. Jauregui 7

    J. Glatts 65
    K. Naugle 22
    T. Quigley 41